Welcome to South Oxford Science Village – a planned new community right on the edge of Oxford city.

The village will bring together international research and innovation with local business and excellent education, leisure and social opportunities to create a new neighbourhood that delivers for residents old and new, and provides exciting new opportunities and facilities for the area.

It will deliver an integrated community where residents and employers mix together in work and leisure; where shopping and community facilities are accessible to everyone; and where health and quality of life are paramount.

Why South Oxford Science Village

The South Oxford Science Village is in a unique location in South Oxfordshire, well connected to the rest of the district and immediately adjoining the southern edge of Oxford. In this location, we are able to deliver, social, economic and education benefits to the residents, businesses and environment of South Oxfordshire.

South Oxford Science Village is the best location to deliver a thriving new community as it can deliver the following benefits:

  • South Oxford Science Village presents a fantastic opportunity to improve the existing transport network in a number of ways and will include a new Park and Ride to serve the city, remodelling of Grenoble Road itself, as well as creating new cycle and pedestrian routes linking to the wider Oxford area, and connecting homes to local employment opportunities.
  • The site can also help to support the re-opening of the Cowley branch line to passengers, with a new station close by to serve new and existing residents to shuttle straight into the centre of Oxford and connect on to other national locations.
  • It will include the expansion of the existing Science Park, providing new jobs which will attract new businesses and employers to the area, as well as the community for new employees to live in.
  • Concentrating development to the south of Grenoble Road protects other smaller villages and hamlets across South Oxfordshire from less sustainable development that does not deliver the same level of benefit for the region.

This website includes everything you need to know about South Oxford Science Village including the masterplan for the area and the vision driving the proposals.

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