Designs for potential new train station in Oxford released today

Plans for the South Oxford Science Village, received a boost in November 2017 when the National Infrastructure Commission report on the Oxford – Milton Keynes – Cambridge Arc (Partnering for Prosperity) recommended the re-opening of the Cowley Branch Line to passenger services by 2019. This proposal was echoed by the Chancellor of the Exchequer in his Autumn Budget Statement in 2017.

This week, The Oxford Science Park has released conceptual sketches of how a new station could fit into its own plans for development.

The Science Village is one of a number of proposals to alleviate the acute shortage of housing in Oxfordshire, particularly in Oxford itself, but is ideally situated to benefit from the proposed re-opening of the Cowley Branch Line to passenger services. Delivering housing with direct access to the rail network and within easy walking and cycling distance of key employments sites will also help to address pressure on Oxford’s road infrastructure.

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