South Oxford Science Village will deliver world class modern amenities for education, work and enjoyment.

  • South Oxford Science Village will provide three exceptional new schools to contribute to developing the next generation of curious minds
  • Two new local centres within the site will act as community
  • A new mixed-use District Centre located close to the existing Ozone Leisure Park would expand the existing retail offer and link the site with existing leisure facilities.
  • Strategically located green spaces will be provided to link the site to the surrounding countryside. With new walking and cycling paths delivered, this recreational space will promote an active lifestyle.
  • Innovative, integrated employment opportunities beyond the extension to the Science Park. Co-working space will allow flexible options close to other employment and educational facilities.
  • A small hotel is proposed providing a range of opportunities for workers in the tourism and hospitality sector.
  • Traditional office space is provided for around 300 new jobs located close to retail and leisure facilities and new housing.
  • Workshops and studios will allow for a broad mix of employment opportunities such as mechanics, graphics and printing as well as music, dance and exercise space.
Artist impression of a new District Centre