Quality of Life

South Oxford Science Village will be a place to live and grow roots, where residents can build their lives and bring up their families. Residents will have the space and opportunity to grow with the development moving from their first property to a larger property over time. To create that stable, attractive environment the designs have been developed to create a quality of lifestyle not found elsewhere in Oxfordshire.

  • Exercise and activity are a vital part of a balanced, healthy lifestyle. South Oxford Science Village will maximise the use of available natural resources, as well as delivering brand new, state of the art facilities, to help residents stay active and healthy.
  • Situated where the city of Oxford meets the countryside, South Oxford Science Village will be designed to make the most of the location by including large areas of green, open space where residents can relax and clear their minds.
  • A vast network of integrated cycle and pedestrian routes will make cycling and walking throughout the site, and further afield to the wider transport network, convenient and enjoyable.