South Oxford Science Village will deliver all of the advantages of living in an active, dynamic development on the edge of the city, surrounded by the beauty of the countryside. It is a modern development where people can live, work and enjoy themselves together.

There is a desperate need for new homes across Oxfordshire. With local employees already facing long commutes, South Oxford Science Village is best placed to provide homes that are close to existing businesses and the Science Vale, and will build on existing transport links as well as creating new and improved pedestrian and cycle routes.

We believe that new development must be more than just houses. That is why South Oxford Science Village is driven by a fundamental belief in community and sustainability and an acknowledgement of what makes Oxford so special; development that is further away from the city will lose out on the economic benefits this site offers.

Design principles for South Oxford Science Village are:

  • A residential led development of the highest quality that provides a huge range of new opportunities for existing and new communities, including 3,000 new homes of which 40% will be affordable units.
  • An extension to the existing Science Park to provide new job opportunities for residents, and the economic benefits which new business can bring, further cementing Oxford’s historic position as a centre for knowledge and research.
  • To maximise the vast opportunity to enhance and improve existing transport links of all kinds, including a new Park and Ride site, new pedestrian and cycle routes to relieve pressure on the main routes in and out of the city, and the potential for new rail services.
  • The provision of new primary and secondary schools with Sixth Form to serve the local community.
  • Seamless integration with existing neighbouring communities to ensure that new facilities and opportunities are available to all residents.
  • Healthy living designed into the masterplan to deliver a development that prioritises the quality of life for the whole community.
  • For significant green, open space to be included in the masterplan to safeguard existing habitats and enhance opportunities for wildlife – all contributing to the beauty of the countryside alongside a thriving community.