Building a Community

Imagine a day where you can go for a run in the morning across a wide network of beautiful green landscapes. Then walk your children to school before arriving at work yourself after a short walk to the new Science Park, or use the new Park and Ride or railway station for a short commute into Oxford. In the evening you can enjoy the benefits of being part of a dynamic community as part of a class or club at the local centre.

This is what South Oxford Science Village is about.

A thriving new community with all the opportunities of an energetic city-edge location while benefiting from the open space and beauty of South Oxfordshire.

Creating local centres which support both retail and community use to the west and east of South Oxford Science Village will ensure that residents are closely connected to local facilities. They provide hubs of activity for local residents and will benefit from trade from local schools and employment areas, whilst improving the retail and community space offer of the area. The local centres will be easily accessible, with pedestrian and cycle routes prioritised.

Artist impression of a new District Centre