Business Innovation

The Magdalen Science Park will be an extension of the existing Science Park, further cementing Oxford’s place as an international leader in the science and research sectors creating new job opportunities in the science and research industries.

It is estimated that 850 jobs will be created from the Science Park extension. This is on top of the jobs created during the construction phase which is estimated at 1090 new jobs either on the site or in the supply chain. It makes sense to concentrate the development of a new community as close as possible to these new job opportunities.

The existing Oxford Science Park is owned and managed by Magdalen College, Oxford. It provides one of the leading science, technology and business environments in the UK, employing more than 2,500 people within over 70 companies. Set within 75 acres of immaculately landscaped grounds Oxford Science Park creates an environment that inspires creativity and upholds the city’s reputation as a centre of research excellence. South Oxford Science Village will grow this incredible facility, providing more opportunities for local people.

With excellent local education provision and the location of the site within the knowledge spine and Science Vale UK, we can nurture and grow talent from within Oxford as well as attracting talent from across the world with world class facilities and nearby high-quality homes.