A dynamic, innovative employment market has secured Oxford’s position as one of the UK’s most thriving places to work. The city contributes over £5bn annually to the UK economy. There is a real opportunity to strengthen Oxford’s position as it has historically fallen behind the Thames Valley and Cambridge economically, due to a lack of homes close to areas of established employment facilities.

Oxford is recognised as a world leading centre for knowledge, science and research. These sectors contribute a huge part of the local employment market. Being within the Science Vale UK Enterprise Zone, one of the most important science based clusters in Europe, recognised internationally, the site presents an opportunity to further strengthen this position, bringing new employment opportunities to the area.

Other major employment opportunities exist across the region including the Oxford Business Park, Oxford Science Park and the BMW plant at Cowley. The National Infrastructure Commission has recommended that the Cowley Branch line be reopened to passengers by 2019, which if delivered, would greatly improve the public transport offer locally for both residents and employees. 

The city is also a fascinating historic location and the tourism industry in Oxford attracts over 9 million visitors a year, contributing massively to the local economy.